I have completed this program with Micaela and I can honestly say I could not recommend it enough.
I always thought my issues with sticking to a diet or eating well were just my lack of willpower. But Micaela has helped me analyse and get to the bottom of a lot of issues in my head and heart. I’ve become more aware of my thoughts and the impact they have. She has also helped and encouraged me to deal with situations beyond my control.
Every week Micaela has coached me into achieving a milestone which is important for me to accomplish.
I really do believe Micaela has been a life changer for me. She has really helped me create self awareness and a healthier mindset. We’ve laughed and cried together.
If you are thinking of joining this program, don’t just take my word for it, do it.

Thank you so much,




As I am nearing the end of the program, I would just like to touch on my experiences throughout. 

Firstly, what a wealth of knowledge Micaela possesses, I am indebted to her for the information I have been provided with which has enabled me to change and channel my thoughts from, quite often, negatives to positives, giving me the power to make mindful changes which have made great differences to my quality of life and also that of those closest to me.

Throughout the program, I have noticed myself being more in control of my emotions, actions, thoughts & feelings, something which I feel I have struggled with from early teens and have sought many different options of overcoming, none of which have truly suited. I have suffered with migraines, alopecia, epilepsy & anxiety sporadically and have put these down to just being a ‘stressy’ person and trying to accept this was just the way I am, however, Micaela has taught me that this is not the way it needs to be, and that I can manage my mindfulness with techniques, given me the techniques to try and find which best suits me & waited while I created and shaped my own mindful future. 

I feel I am at a point now where I am confident that I possess the knowledge and the skills to keep myself calm, rested & much less stressed than I used to be. I find I approach situations with a respect for my own health & wellbeing, and can hold back from becoming over emotionally involved by using simple but effective strategies taught by Micaela, and am suffering with much less anxiety and a lot less migraine episodes than I used to. 

I can not stress enough (no pun intended) how thankful I am that I started this program, and I also do not feel as though I will be leaving it alone, as the things I have been taught have imprinted in my mind for the future. From mindfulness eating to emotional wellbeing, and everything in between, I feel I am a fresher, newer, happier being for ironing out the details of how important it is to look after yourself as a whole and not just in small parts here and there. 

Thank you Micaela, you will never truly understand the value of your knowledge, and how grateful I am for this experience. I started with an open mind and I am leaving with a content & happy mind, which I know is all that you hoped for.