Intuitive eating

I didn’t know intuitive eating existed until I heard about it on Maddy Moon podcast. To be precise I didn’t expect that it was something needed to be addressed and explained and defined through sort of rules or steps to make people more confident about the concept. I thought it was a pretty natural and common thing, since except for those few that I know that have a disease, none of the Italian human beings I grew up with have dieted to the point of loosing their connection with food and intuitive eating. Except when I had my disrupted relationship with food as a teenager I have been an intuitive eater all my life, lets say for more than 28 years (and yes, when you are a baby you are an intuitive eater, so that counts).

My story of eating disorders

Since this blog is not going to be mainly a foodblog, but more a lifestyle, what’s going on in my head and life kind of blog, I will have a section for my thoughts and possible interviews and podcasts on subjects dear to my heart, which are mainly related to food disorders, nutrition, body image and fitness.