Clean eating confusion

If you want to be healthy and live a long life you have to stop eating animal products.

No eggs, full of bad fats, no dairy, that causes major allergy reaction, no meat that as eggs has bad fats that make you age earlier and cause you cancer, to not talk about the inflammatory g6010reaction that they have on the body because they are not alkalizing foods at all.

No, wait, if you want to be healthy and live a long life you don’t need to stop eating all animal products, just the dairy, because in the paleolithic the men were fit and energized by meat and that is
our true diet we should thrive on. But you have to stop eating grains and beans, because they have anti-nutrients like lectins, phytate and gluten which are major health problems creators.

Mainly you need to stop the gluten consumption.

Intuitive eating

I didn’t know intuitive eating existed until I heard about it on Maddy Moon podcast. To be precise I didn’t expect that it was something needed to be addressed and explained and defined through sort of rules or steps to make people more confident about the concept. I thought it was a pretty natural and common thing, since except for those few that I know that have a disease, none of the Italian human beings I grew up with have dieted to the point of loosing their connection with food and intuitive eating. Except when I had my disrupted relationship with food as a teenager I have been an intuitive eater all my life, lets say for more than 28 years (and yes, when you are a baby you are an intuitive eater, so that counts).