life coaching

Life Coaching for INFP and Introverts

Hi, I am Micaela and I am an INFP.

I will be talking about this subject and about highly sensitive introverted people on this space of mine quite often from now on since I decided this will be my niche as a Life and Wellness Coach.
Being one myself I am aware of the struggles and since overcoming my biggest life challenge I feel confident I can help all the women out there that feel as lost and misunderstood as I felt not a long time ago.

I have been aware of my MBTI personality type for more than 8 years, but I really never bothered myself in getting to know what that implied, I thought I had everything figured out.

And then tragedy, or what I believe is tragedy according to my inner world and values, hit me, and hit me very hard.
I broke up with my partner and became a single mom of a beautiful daughter, a dark, suicidal, spiraling down, overwhelmed mom of a beautiful daughter.
If you have any knowledge about personality types you know that INFPs like me love to be in love. We love dedicating ourselves to someone else and see the possibilities in that person. We put our heart and soul into our relationships and we tend to push and stretch ourselves to every possible limit to make the other one feel loved, more so if that said person doesn’t show us the same. In that case, we tend to feel flawed and as we should put more effort than ever to make everything work.
This was my case, and the more effort I put in my relationship just to get rejected, the more I dropped down an “I am unworthy of love” abyss of self-pity and sadness and depression.

Until I decided to get out of there.
And let’s be honest, that was really a decision that I made.
I decided I was worthed, I decided I was not going to let that person treat me as I am invisible and I decided to dedicate all my mental energies to myself and the little love of my life.
It has been liberatory, like I regained a piece of brain and all of a sudden I had all this mental energy to create and write and elaborate and feel myself again.
I enrolled to become a Health Coach, I started training for my first Bikini Competition and I am currently studying to become a Personal Trainer.
Did I fall into the pile-up-as-many-things-as-you-can-to-escape-reality trap? Oh yeah, no doubts about it. Typical INFP, but I am fine with that.

Except that, with all these things on my plate, I get drained of energy quite often and I feel overwhelmed and scattered most of the time, while I know I should focus and sit down to build the business I envision for myself.
To keep myself into motion and get myself motivated I decided to start writing again, and give myself small goals to achieve every week.
Publishing in this dead space and bring it to life is one of the main goals of this first phase of achievement.

To Understand myself more and find ways to get out of my mental riot, I started reading psychology books, self-help ones, books dedicated to introverts and INFP specifically and I developed different tools that can serve you if you feel stuck or in the same downward spiral I was in a year ago. I will be writing about this and much more, hoping to help and finally listen to that inner call that tells me to serve and contribute to make the world a better place for everyone.

See you next week.
Until then have a lovely time.