If you would go in the forest to pick up mushrooms, just to find one that looks amazingly delicious, but according to the expert that is with you it might kill you in ten days if you eat it, would you pick it just because it looks delicious?

Cosmetics with unsafe ingredients make me feel like that. Sure, some are linked to cancer, hormone imbalances or birth defects on the animals they were tested on, they were not given to a person to test that developed a disease after ten days of use…but do I really want to take the risk?

Do I really want to eat that mushroom that might poison me because it looks like it will taste good?

I don’t think so.

The number of long-term diseases, such as cancer or reproductive problems in adult women, has drastically increased over the years, and the scientists studying the problem think that one of the causes might be the amount of toxic chemicals that we are exposed to every day, chemicals not tested in combination with other chemicals, that can accumulate in our body and which long-term effects are unknown.

Chemicals that are not just in the air that we breath, but inside the products that we slap on ourselves every day: shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, body washes, moisturizer, foundations, perfumes, nail polishes or lipsticks.

Using those products means getting in contact with hundreds of chemicals and synthetic compounds everyday, and each one of them gets to be absorbed by the biggest organ that we have, our skin.

Those chemicals are toxins for our body, a body that one day might become seriously ill because of the burden we gave it to handle.

Do you really want to risk a cancer tomorrow just to have shiny hairs and perfumed armpits today?

10% of cancer is genetic, 90% is lifestyle related.

You cannot change that 10%, but you can make a difference on your lifestyle and start positive changes beginning with your bathroom.



I stopped using any product that wasn’t shampoo, conditioner or soap when I was about 18 years old, because of the allergy reactions that I had at the time.

I stopped for about 10 years.

Yes, you read right.

I lived for about 10 years without using moisturizers, deodorants or makeup of any sort.

Then I discovered the existence of green organic products without nasty ingredients and I got hooked.

They don’t cause me any allergic reaction, are safe to use for us and the environment and many of them are of great quality.

This is going to be my journey in discovering products with you.

While I am very rigid about using only natural skincare products, some not green makeup items will appear on the website, but all of them is going to be cruelty free.

I will consider cruelty free even those products made by a company that doesn’t test on animals, but unfortunately is own by a parent company that does.


Bare in mind that I don’t have experience of “normal” cosmetics except  for shampoos and conditioners, and my reviews are necessarily going to be influenced by that. From this comes that I will not be able to suggest dupes or compare mainstream products to green ones to help you in the transition from one to the other.

I hope you will enjoy my journey with me anyway and will be open to discussions and positive criticism.



It is not possible to list all the articles out there that discuss the skepticism about the safeness of certain chemicals and synthetic compounds usually found in cosmetics. I will list only few and if you are interested in the subject let me know and I will dig dipper for you.

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