I don’t think unhealthy food exists, but only unhealthy habits.

Eating only veggies for a month, even though veggies are to be considered healthy food, is more unhealthy than eating a piece of homemade cake once a week.

For me the right approach is to eat everything in a balanced way, without labeling and without pointing fingers.

You easily digest casein and have no problems with lactose? Then eating cheese and drinking milk once in a while would not be a humongous health issue for you.

Gluten is not your enemy not matter what as well, unless you have celiac disease. Does that mean that you have to start your day with toasts followed by cookies, pasta for lunch, sandwich as a snack and more pasta for dinner and supper?

Absolutely not.

If we introduce new foods and variety in our diet we will eat pasta or cheese once in a while anyway because we will have so many recipes to choose from that don’t include those ingredients.

I am Italian and I was raised with pasta, bread, cheese and lots of veggies and fruits. Growing up I noticed that not eating pasta, bread or cheese every day made me feel better, less sleepy, less tired, less bloated, so now I rarely eat them, or I eat different versions of them, like the gluten free or lactose free ones.

I don’t believe in the existence of a universal healthy way of eating, but that there is a way for every single individual, the way that makes every single one of us feel at its best.

That’s why I don’t believe in paleo, gluten-free, raw, weight watchers, atkins, sugar-free, blood type, macrobiotic and I-don’t-even-know-how-many-types-exist-anymore-diet.

Eat what makes you feel good in a balanced way, but make your diet as unprocessed as possible.

If you can make cookies at home don’t buy those at the store full of weird ingredients that don’t need to be added to food, which only goal is to make the food last longer than your lifetime.

Those foods are unhealthy, but they are not food. Yes, they are edible, but they are manufactured in labs like a lipstick is.


I am on my journey to discover what healthy means to my body.

I am a chef, so I usually cook my food, but sometimes, if I am on a hurry or on lazy mode I do buy pre-made food, organic, bio, natural food. The same I would make at home just cooked by someone else.


Food is medicine. So let’s choose real food in a balanced, varied and sane way.