Hello Everyone!

My name is Micaela Meloni, but you can call me Mika.

I am an Holistic Wellness and Life Coach on a mission to change the world, a bit at a time.

And HOW am I planning to do so, you may ask? Since, well, that sounds ambitious.

Just by serving and helping those around me to be at their best, mentally and physically…most of the time at least (nobody is perfect).

I believe being healthy is not just about being fit or skinny and stressing yourself about avoiding gluten, eat strictly paleo and keto.

  • You are not healthy if you cannot enjoy the food you consider “naughty” without beating yourself up for it.
  • You are not healthy if you are size 10, spend more time working out and counting calories than enjoying life, but don’t actually love how you look like, you wish to look different and don’t have a word of self love for yourself.
  • You are not healthy if you don’t manage to have balanced relationships because you freak out at the fear of getting abandoned and feel like you are never enough.

Health is a balance of mind, body and spirit. If those three are not aligned than we cannot consider ourselves healthy.

And I learnt it the hard way.
I am not a therapist, a psychologist, or a nutritionist, but I learnt few things during my own journey to health and I just would like to share them here.
I have knife scars on my arms and legs, throwing up doesn’t disgust me anymore because I did it so many times that I am used to the feeling, my heart doesn’t function properly because of the many years I spent as a teenager on 300 calories a day, I am a single mom that spent the last half a year dispearing for having ruined her daughter’s life and had more suicidal thoughts than any other thoughts I can think about.
But I have not always been like that, just something changed and changed me so deeply that I felt lost for so many years.
I am in a much better place now. Much better.

I faced the fact that I have never been broken or lost, but I simply let my thoughts take advantage of me, I believed my negative chatter and I fed it every single day.

I have always said that happiness is a choice and I still believe it is. It is a combo of awareness, neutral thoughts and positive thinking.

If you are a Mom that:

  • Feels tired all the time
  • Snaps at the kids more than she would like to
  • Feels like she is not in control of her life
  • Lost sight of what she really wanted for herself in life in the first place
  • Feels overwhelmed most of the time even when she has to do little tasks
  • Feels her relationship with her partner has worsen and she feels so stressed and overwhelmed that she can’t figure out how to work on it
  • Eating has become a coping mechanism to deal with stress
  • And on top of that you are a mom that gained weight, doesn’t like to look at herself in the mirror and no dieting has helped till now!

Then you are in the right place!!!

I can help you. I am here for that specific reason.

I offer one on one coaching sessions for a total of 12 weeks, where we will discuss everything food, movement and mind. No diets, no crazy lifestyle changes, we will work with your own pace and tailor a program around your lifestyle, your passions and your busy schedule.

If you are interested on a quote Contact Me using the form below.