Clean eating confusion

If you want to be healthy and live a long life you have to stop eating animal products.

No eggs, full of bad fats, no dairy, that causes major allergy reaction, no meat that as eggs has bad fats that make you age earlier and cause you cancer, to not talk about the inflammatory g6010reaction that they have on the body because they are not alkalizing foods at all.

No, wait, if you want to be healthy and live a long life you don’t need to stop eating all animal products, just the dairy, because in the paleolithic the men were fit and energized by meat and that is
our true diet we should thrive on. But you have to stop eating grains and beans, because they have anti-nutrients like lectins, phytate and gluten which are major health problems creators.

Mainly you need to stop the gluten consumption.

Yes, gluten is your enemy no matter what.

It destroys your intestinal lining, it lets big molecules that your body doesn’t recognize into your blood flow and you get lots of nasty reaction because of it. Get rid of gluten and you will lose pounds without even notice it, even if you eat lots of gluten free junk food and don’t move from the couch, your acne will go away and you will develop a six pack overnight.

But what if together with the gluten you get rid of sugar? Sugar is addictive, more than cocaine, and if you bake cupcakes with alternative sugars like maple syrup, coconut sugar, agave nectar or palm sugar you will see that after the first bite you will not be interested in eating the cupcake anymore, so powerful is the addiction to sugar. Ditch the processed white sugar, while still using sugar products in your diet and you will be free from binge eating. And cancer. And since sugar is found in high quantity in fruits as well, since you are on the clean eating wagon anyway, dump the fruit as well, you can always take all the minerals and vitamins from pills.

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Or maybe that is a misconception. Fruitarians would say so. If you eat only fruits, like 20 bananas for breakfast, 2 watermelons for snack, 5 mangos and 2 kg blueberries for lunch, a juice made with 5 melons as snack and a box of peaches for dinner you will get rid of diabetes, you will thrive with energy, you will go to the toilet regularly and you will feel amazing forever, with just some organizing problems when you go out to eat, and probably some deficiency here and there, but not if you integrate avocado, coconut oil and nuts into your diets. And don’t forget the chia seeds, sprinkle them everywhere and you will be fine.

Actually you don’t need to be fruitarian, you just ditch meat products, sugar, gluten and you eat a high carb diet, because carbs are underestimated nowadays. Nobody has understood that you can get the body you want just by eating high carb food all day long, and you defeat all diseases as well that way.

And it is perfect!! See, you can save the planet because you don’t eat meat products, so you reduce pollution, gas emission, ecological footprint, you don’t kill innocent animals, and you still thrive full of energy, clearing your skin, healing your chronic fatigue, your adrenal whatever, your digestive issues, you get to eat how much you want sitting on the couch and overnight you wake up with a six pack that even Arnold Schwarzenegger has never had, because you will reduce your inflammation and with that you will shred kg like crazy without even notice it. Just changing your diet. Isn’t that amazing?

Be sure you eat avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, chlorella, maca, flex seeds, acai, goji berries, camu powder, lucuma powder, raw cacao, maple syrup, coconut oil, coconut sugar, only tapioca and coconut flour, you drink plenty of shots of wheatgrass, and you stay away from gluten, meat, dairy, soy, beans, nuts (unless you soak them and we are not talking about peanuts, those are a no no anyway), potatoes (those are super bad foods), refined carbs, fruits, and maybe eat raw till 4 to get as much nutrients as you can of the food you eat, the more you consume raw the better. Don’t worry about proteins, fruits and veggies and chia and flax seeds have plenty of them, you are covered.

Year after year there are clean eating trends that pop up, promising you energy and a solution to all of your health and fat loss problems.

But which one is the right one? which one to follow?

I personally get overwhelmed by all the information out there and find some of the options ridiculous and some of the approaches pretty extreme for no reason whatsoever, and the worst part is that the clean eating trends have more a religious connotation to them than they are suppose to have. Some of the members of the diet tribes out there become aggressive if you argue about their dietary choices, if you ask for evidence or point out that not every human being is genetically the same of another one and the reactions to foods may be different so that what works for someone may not work at all for someone else. 

What do you think about it?

Are you feeling confused as well?

Or did you already found your way of eating joining one of the clean eating tribe out there and following the tribe rules religiously?