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Hello Everybody!


My name is Micaela Meloni and I am the mind behind the blog HonestlyMe.

I am a Chef and an Holistic Life and Wellness Coach and a Personal Trainer on training.




My ultimate goal in life is to contribute to create a better society, by stretching, triggering and helping women overcoming what is stopping them to live a fulfilled and happy life. 


I would like to achieve this by empowering women to be better leaders of their own life, for their own children, by putting them in control of their health and their mind. 


What is an Empowered Woman?

It is a woman not trapped in her mental fog, in her loops of thoughts, who takes intentional actions in her life and doesn’t just react irrationally to triggers that cause her anxiety and stress, spiraling into food related disorders among other things. 


Empowered women can raise empowered kids, driven by love and awareness, children that will be able to navigate intentionally and with confidence the challenges in their life, that will have the tools to live their lives at their best, with harmony and success. 



If 2 years ago you would have asked me about my thoughts on life coaches, wellness coaches or health coaches, I would have seriously answered that they are just pure bullshit, and only dietitians, nutritionist, psychologist and terapists have a right to exist on this world.

Then I had a baby.

And I had a baby with a person that I respect, but triggers the shit out of me.

I spiraled into horrible feelings of inadequacy, abandonment, unworthiness and suicidal thoughts. Anything he would do would trigger me. Anything my daughter would do would trigger me. I would just think “I am not enough” all day long, “No matter what I do he will never treat me how I deserve to be treated (considering all the energies I am putting in this relationship), “And my daughter will turn on me, prefer him and hate me forever for fucking up her life and head”.

The day I thought that it would be better to kill myself AND her, it was the day I decided to step back and press the pause button.

I quit the relationship, I moved house, cut my hair short, changed my wardrobe, got a tattoo, enrolled to become an Health Coach (because it was too late to enroll at the nutrition undergraduate course at Uni, and I needed immediate action), and I started a course to become a Personal Trainer, all of this to get the fuck out of my head.

Little I knew that becoming a Health Coach is a journey that doesn’t involve just learning about diets and nutrition, but implies you dealing with your own limits, fears, thoughts and triggers, so you have the tools to help others in their own journey.


At this very moment becoming a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach has been the best decision of my life. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and it made me understand that Empowered Women are an actual thing and not a stupid slogan for the gurus of the woo-woo.
My self improvement journey will never end. I am a recovered from eating disorders, I have strong core beliefs that not matter what I do I will always get abandoned that I constantly need to put under control, and I am recovering from my suicidal feelings.
I understand you because I have been there.
And no, my life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but I learnt few things along the way and I am here to help you, to empower yourself as I am empowering myself.