you are the one hurting your feelings

You are the one hurting your feelings

If you would have the power to go back in time and check how I was doing one year ago, you would find a hurt girl, crawling out of her bed every day with heaviness in her shoulders, a crying heart and a lost soul, who didn’t want to live and didn’t want to keep going with all the pain she was feeling and dealing with.

I wanted to quit, I wanted to go to sleep and not waking up the next morning. I felt so defeated by life, so abandoned by everybody, such a failure in all my choices. I had lost hope.

But that girl is no longer here, and the only thing that took her out of that space, that cage of terror she was in, it was the realization that she was the one hurting her feelings.


life coaching

Life Coaching for INFP and Introverts

Hi, I am Micaela and I am an INFP.

I will be talking about this subject and about highly sensitive introverted people on this space of mine quite often from now on since I decided this will be my niche as a Life and Wellness Coach.
Being one myself I am aware of the struggles and since overcoming my biggest life challenge I feel confident I can help all the women out there that feel as lost and misunderstood as I felt not a long time ago.